x, y, width, height : for set location
widthonheight : ratio width division height
left, top, right, bottom, center, middle : position with parent DOM, ex: left=50 or center=50 mean center and move left 50px
minwidth, minheight : min value when set
widthp, heightp : width on percent ex: widthp=50 mean 50%
zindex : deep layer
noanchor : no anchor ,mean not follow parent DOM
padding : padding for all
paddingleft, paddingtop, paddingright, paddingbottom : padding when set value. default 0
nopadding : no padding, mean ignore padding ex nopadding =true
nopaddingleft, nopaddingtop, nopaddingright, nopaddingbottom : no padding when set true
margin : margin for all
marginleft, margintop, marginright, marginbottom : margin when set

space : mean space for DOM when layout = “line”
linespace : mean line space for line when layout = “line”
lineheight :mean min lineheight for line when layout = “line”
baseline : if it is text set baseline = true for the same linebase when display
isbox : mean x, y, width, height is set like txbox, numbox
isclip : mean cut out when overflow
canhit : can hit for check hit test
full : fill full parent DOM
istext : mean is text
istextsize : mean auto size when set text
disable : disable control
visible : show or hide
fill :
dock : 5 value type “left”, “right”, “top” , “bottom” , “fill” like on win
color : color for text
border : color for border ex: border=”red” or color and width like border=”red , 2″ 2 mean border width
borderwidth : border width
borderbound : around for hit test mean, when set borderbound = 2 rectangle (x-2, y-2,width+4, height+4)
bordershadow : color for shadow like bordershadow =”gray”
borderradius : border radius mean border with round corner
dash : border style

text : set text for content
start : selection start for text
end : selection start for text
curr : current pointer for text

scrollv : scroll value for vertical
scrollh : scroll value for horizone
noscroll : not scroll
content : set text for content
textpointer : mean show caret
multiline : multiline for text box
wrap : text wrap
newline : new line when set true, like <br/>
placeholder : text shadow when text empty
acceptchars : list of char allow, ex: numbox then set acceptchars =”01123456789-.”
font : font name ex : font “Arial” or name and size ex: font=”Arial 12″ or name size style font = “Arial 12 b” (b is bold, i is italic, u is underline)
fontsize : font size
fontstyle : font style b is bold, i is italic, u is underline
align : “left” , “right”, “top” ,”bottom”, “center”, “middle” ,”none” or combine like “center middle”
textalign : “left” , “right” ,”center”
alignv : “top” ,”bottom”, “center”, “middle” ,”none”
istextwithcolor : show code with color
position : “”
img, image : link to image like img=”abc.jpg”
imgs : for many image show with tougle ex : imgs =”a1.jpg,a2.jpg”
index : index for tough
img16, image16 : display image scale keep border pixel
layout : display style “line” “linetop” “column” “row” “right” “down” “hbf” “bf”
check : for checkbox and radio
tougle : tougle index or check for checkbox and radio

drag : drag DOM simple style ex: drag=”move”

+”width0″ : drag resize left border

+ “width” : drag resize right border

+ “columnmove” , “columnwidth”: use for table DOM

+ “height0” : drag resize top border

+ “height” : drag resize bottom border

+”moveform” : drag move window form

+”movefront” : drag move window and bring to front, like move tille bar

default : “move” drag to move this DOM , “.move” drag to move parent DOM line drag banner move window
cursor : mouse cursor like “text” “hand” “pointer” …
onclick : set event when click ex: onclick=”Message(‘ok’)”
onmouseup : set event when mouse up
onmousedown : set event when mouse down
ondrop :
focus : focus style like focus=”fill=’red'”
hover : hover style like hover=”border=’red'”
selectedstyle : selected style like selectedstyle=”border=’red'”
onfocus : event when focus
onhover : event when onhover
css : extend style like css=”border=’red’ color=’blue'”
href : when click open website ex href=””

nav : navigate to .t file when click
shadow : color shadow
lookup : list for lookup , like autocomplete ,,
lookupmode : “auto” autocomplete, “insert” lookup and insert to , “code” for codebox
bind : bind to object ex: bind=”aa.text”
datatype : data type of textbox
path : graphic path
shape :
con :
container :
tab : >0 when is control
edit : “text” “code”
animation : simple animation
expression : calculate when draw
expression1 : for column of table
style1 : style for cell when set column header
freeze : for column freeze in table
format : format text for text show number ex: 123456 -> 123,456
name : name of DOM
video : show video ex: video: “abc.mp4” , you need copy ffmpeg.exe and ffplay.exe to show video,
radio : is radio control
exist : auto detach when millisecond ex: exist=10000 after 10 second
zoom : zoom x and y like zoom = 2
zoomx, zoomy :
table : set data to display table
tree : set data to display tree

loaded : run when load DOM

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